Cognitive Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a safe and powerful means of achieving lasting beneficial change quickly and permanently. A growing body of research supports the practice as a natural effective therapy for a number of conditions. Most healing can be achieved within two to six sessions.

Hypnosis is a voluntary process and is completely safe. During hypnosis you will be guided to a state of focused relaxation where you can communicate with your unconscious mind. You will not be in a position where you do or say anything you don’t want to. You remain in control throughout. In fact, hypnotherapy enhances your control of both body and mind.

As Cognitive Hypnotherapists we use the clients’ trance states as part of the therapeutic process. Trance states are part of the normal experience of being human. We experience trance when our unconscious mind takes over and directs behaviour that would otherwise be conscious. A familiar example to most of us is the driving trance, when we find ourselves at our destination but cannot remember how we got there. The unconscious mind took over leaving us to daydream. However, trance has a specific purpose during a therapy session to help with an issue you have decided needs assistance.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is characterised by the belief that each and every client is unique and each person has an individual model of the world. Consequently, we don’t use a single approach to treat all clients, instead we tailor our approach using a range of techniques, drawn from different disciplines, and the clients own resources to meet each individual client’s specific needs.

Jocelyn & Kristina with Trevor Silvestor, Quest Institute

Jocelyn & Kristina with Trevor Silvestor, Founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy & The Quest Institute