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Sep 1st


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It is important to know that you have processes to help you cope on days when you feel that things are just not going your way and that you can’t get away from your worries and anxiety. We wrote an article some time ago entitled “Brain Dump” a name we took from Gillie Botton who […]

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Jul 1st

Talking about…..

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How often are you aware that you are talking to yourself, in your head or even out loud?  Self-talk is the internal conversation, the voice in your mind, that comments, questions, evaluates and judges your behaviour and experience.  Experts consider it to be a subset of thinking and it can be positive – when we […]

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Apr 1st

Happy Days

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On Saturday 20th March the third International Day of Happiness was celebrated with various activities in many countries.  You may have missed it altogether or the media coverage possibly entered the peripheries of your awareness or  you may even have been involved in an awareness raising event yourself. In 2011 the United Nations General Assembly […]

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Mar 1st

Turning back the clock

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A few years ago we were excited to learn that Jennifer Aniston proposed to co-produce and star in a film based on the book, “Counter Clockwise Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility,” written by the Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer, whose research interest is in how attitude affects both health and the rate of ageing.  […]

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Feb 1st

The Power of Words

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We’ve been enjoying the books of neuro-scientist Andrew Newberg and business and personal development coach, Mark  Robert Wladman recently, in particular, “Words Can Change your Brain”. An astonishing discovery is that even a single negative statement increases brain activity by releasing dozens of stress producing hormones and neurotransmitters. The functioning of the brain is consequently […]

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Jan 1st

Three keys to improved relationships

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Today, we seem to be obsessed with the significant relationship and you may wonder why given the number of failed relationships and divorce figures. Cell biologist, Bruce Lipton, explains “our biology is pushing us to bond….It is a fundamental biological imperative.” If you are in a happy and fulfilling relationship then taking time to reflect […]

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Dec 1st

‘Tis the season to be jolly & complaint-free

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It’s too cold! I’ve got so much to do! Did you see how fast he was going and it’s supposed to be only 30 mph! She hasn’t even replied yet! Just think for a minute – how many times have you complained today and how many times have you listened to others complain? We all […]

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Oct 1st

Build Resilience

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A priority in all therapy is to nurture and strengthen clients’ resilience. Psychological and emotional resilience is the ability to cope successfully with day to day frustrations and disappointments and the bigger challenges if they should come along – crisis and trauma. Resilient people tend to bounce back and sometimes be strengthened by their adverse […]

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Aug 1st

The Greatest Gift

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Focusing on what makes us happy, not what makes us unhappy, positive psychology has become part of most people’s thinking. A foundational assertion is that happiness is not the result of luck or your genes but a state that can be cultivated by practising certain thought patterns. So, here are three techniques from the field […]

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Jun 1st

People Pleasing

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The behavioural pattern known as “people pleasing” or compliance is one we see in the the therapy room frequently. Almost everybody enjoys pleasing others as part of our social interaction, but when we defer to the wishes of others and bend over backwards to accommodate them whilst denying our own wants and needs, our lives […]

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