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Jul 1st

Talking about…..

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How often are you aware that you are talking to yourself, in your head or even out loud?  Self-talk is the internal conversation, the voice in your mind, that comments, questions, evaluates and judges your behaviour and experience.  Experts consider it to be a subset of thinking and it can be positive – when we […]

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Mar 1st

Turning back the clock

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A few years ago we were excited to learn that Jennifer Aniston proposed to co-produce and star in a film based on the book, “Counter Clockwise Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility,” written by the Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer, whose research interest is in how attitude affects both health and the rate of ageing.  […]

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Jan 1st

Three keys to improved relationships

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Today, we seem to be obsessed with the significant relationship and you may wonder why given the number of failed relationships and divorce figures. Cell biologist, Bruce Lipton, explains “our biology is pushing us to bond….It is a fundamental biological imperative.” If you are in a happy and fulfilling relationship then taking time to reflect […]

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Oct 1st

Build Resilience

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A priority in all therapy is to nurture and strengthen clients’ resilience. Psychological and emotional resilience is the ability to cope successfully with day to day frustrations and disappointments and the bigger challenges if they should come along – crisis and trauma. Resilient people tend to bounce back and sometimes be strengthened by their adverse […]

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Jun 1st

People Pleasing

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The behavioural pattern known as “people pleasing” or compliance is one we see in the the therapy room frequently. Almost everybody enjoys pleasing others as part of our social interaction, but when we defer to the wishes of others and bend over backwards to accommodate them whilst denying our own wants and needs, our lives […]

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Feb 1st


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If you made any New Year’s Resolutions this year they were probably to do with health and fitness, relationships or about enjoying life more in some way. These are the areas we most want to improve year after year according to numerous surveys. At the time you are reading this, some of you may be […]

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Nov 1st

Yet ANOTHER reason to STOP

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Amongst the published research linking smoking to health problems this month was an interesting study carried out by scientists at Staffordshire University. The scientists researched the effects of using computer aging technology to show how young women between the ages of 18 and 34, would look at the age of 72 if they continued to […]

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Aug 1st

A Worrying Trend

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[audio:|titles=WORRYING TREND] Last month Radio 4 featured Jean Sprakland’s book “Strands” as book of the week. Sprackland writes about her experience of walking on the beaches of Ainsdale Sands in North West England. These daily meditations made compelling listening. In one essay, Sprackland writes about picking up an empty package of Prozac tablets which leads […]

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Jun 1st


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[audio:|titles=LOL] CLIENT: Please help me, I’m addicted to the Internet. HYPNOTHERAPIST: Why do you think you are addicted to the Internet? CLIENT: I just find it more interesting than people. HYPNOTHERAPIST: Hmm, we need to get to the root of the problem. CLIENT: I agree. Can you hypnotise everyone else and make them more interesting? […]

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Apr 1st

A timely reminder!

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[audio:|titles=A TIMELY REMINDER] “No Smoking Day” has been and gone for another year, and perhaps for some who pledged to give up on March 14, the urge to light up is proving difficult to resist. If you are feeling calm and happy then giving up smoking is not as difficult as many people think. In […]

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