We regularly see clients individually for weight and food related issues and in addition we present weight loss workshops which are fun and potentially life-changing. There are two programmes: one day workshops in areas around Henley-on-Thames, London & Isle of Wight, and group sessions lasting one and a half hours over a six week period in Henley-on-Thames. Please contact Jocelyn for more information.

The missing link – THE MIND

These workshops are different to traditional slimming clubs because the focus is on how the mind impacts the body so that clients become aware of the feelings, beliefs and emotional drivers that are behind most addictive food cravings and over-eating. Most workshop participants have already tried the diet and exercise route and found that in the long term it hasn’t worked. Our programme explains why motivation and will power is not enough and we help clients to identify patterns of behaviour and the emotional drivers that keep excess weight in place.

The importance of body image

People with long-term weight issues often have destructive body images and part of our programme deals with how to release negative self-images and transform the way you see yourself. You body will soon follow suit because your unconscious mind will do everything possible to fulfil your self-image.


We teach self-help methods including self-hypnosis, visualisation, Emotional Freedom Technique and mindfulness which are easy to learn and practice at home.

One day Workshop Programme: Stop emotional overeating NOW

10.00 am
  • Welcome and introductions
  • It’s not about food.  (Using food to calm your emotions)
  • Stressed?  Reach for food
11.20 am
  • Break
11.40 am
  • Getting to the emotional roots of the problem
  • Tools to succeed
1.00 pm
  • Lunch (Eating Mindfully – optional – bring your own lunch)
2.00 pm
  • Using EFT to handle your emotions
  • Coping with cravings
3.20 pm
  • Break
3.40 pm
  • Weight and self-image
  • Guided meditation
5.00 pm
  • End of session