With so many of us having busier schedules than healthy human beings should have (or that’s how it appears to us in our conversations with clients) we need tools to slow down, relax and recover more than ever, and the old ones are often the best

The body has natural rhythms of activity and rest but our busy stressful lifestyles can cause us to ignore the messages our body is giving us to stop and recharge and unfortunately, napping is often frowned upon in our workaholic culture. A common view is that napping is for infants, the elderly, the sick and the lazy. However, scientists continue to gain knowledge as to how the brain and body function optimally and there is an increasing body of evidence that confirms what Napoleon, Edison, Churchill, John F Kennedy and Dali knew – a short power nap always provides a fresh burst of energy and ideas.

A study at NASA on military pilots and astronauts found that a 40 minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness by 100%. Specifically, napping benefits hormonal maintenance and cell repair, improves memory, prevents overload, improves learning, is good for the heart, increases cognitive functioning, boosts creativity, aids weight-loss, keeps you looking younger and makes up for a poor night’s sleep.

Twenty to forty minutes seems to be the optimum length of time for a nap and between 1pm and 3pm the best time of day when most people normally become tired. So work with your bodies and give yourself the gift of a nap, as Dr Sara Mednick, professor of psychology at the University of California says: “Take a nap: change your life.”

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Jocelyn and Kristina at Trance-Formed

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