Low self-esteem is at the root of many problems and difficulties that people seek help for, because it affects every area of their lives. Having little self-esteem can stop you from taking opportunities, cause problems with relationships and make you feel trapped because you avoid situations. It can cause stress-based illness too because of the huge toll constant thoughts of not being good enough, and the fear of criticism from others, place on your central nervous system.

You may feel that low self-esteem is not your problem, it may be that you have lost some of the confidence and self-belief you once had because of a difficult circumstance in your life such as relationship breakdown or being made redundant.

Many feel the need for help in such circumstances to get their lives back on track.

You may feel worthy and competent in some areas of your life but lack confidence in others. This is something nearly all of us are familiar with – in certain roles and environments you feel capable and successful, your job may be one such area, but when it comes to some social occasions your confidence seems to desert you and uncomfortable feelings of inadequacy take over.

Perhaps you just need a boost to your confidence because you have an important interview coming up or a driving test, which you know will go better if you could get rid of sabotaging thoughts and behaviours.

Why am I like this?

This is a question we often get asked as people with little self-confidence look upon others who seem to manifest high self-esteem with envy. There is often a belief that little can be done to change chronic low self-esteem. We are all born with self-confidence, but through beliefs we take on about ourselves, usually in childhood, it can be chipped at until there is little left. You may have been criticised a lot so feel that others are judging you constantly. You may have decided that others were better than you because of some perceived failing. However, whatever happened when you were young, if you lack confidence it is due to practiced patterns and habits of thought and behaviour that you are engaging in now.

How can we help?

If you lack self-confidence your thinking is likely to be predominantly negative; you fear the criticism of others, no doubt, and perhaps feel that you are being judged all the time. You will probably dwell on past mistakes and difficulties and you will criticise yourself mercilessly most of the time. All this can be changed and perhaps more easily than you would imagine. You probably feel that you are powerless to change but we will teach you how to tap into a basic natural resource, one that you were born with. We work with clients to train the mind to think in more empowering ways. We help you to change limiting beliefs about yourself and teach you techniques to remain relaxed and self-assured.

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