Do you want to stop smoking or do you feel that you should stop smoking? There are 14 million smokers in the UK and if smoking didn’t damage health, have unpleasant social effects or cost a lot of money, you most probably wouldn’t be reading this now. Most smokers think that they need to stop and are looking for an easy way to achieve the status of non-smoker.

Cigarettes contain about 4000 chemicals including arsenic and cyanide. Smoking is implicated in a number of cancers including lung, mouth, larynx, oesophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas. It increases blood pressure and the risk of a heart attack and weakens the immune system. You have heard all this before but may be less aware of the effect long-term smoking can have on your appearance by causing deep wrinkles, saggy skin, dark circles underneath the eyes and tooth and gum disease. 42% of smokers over the age of 60 have none of their own teeth.

Smokers are aware of the risks to a greater or lesser degree but continue to buy cigarettes and light up especially when drinking and socialising.

Why do I smoke and why can’t I give up?

There are obviously some benefits! One of the reasons people start and continue to smoke is because other people do it. It was once a socially acceptable habit but now smokers belong to a beleaguered group ostracised from pubs, restaurants and people’s homes.

There is short-term pleasure in smoking a cigarette. (Scientists tell us that this is due to a number of chemical reactions within our bodies that inhaling tobacco causes and not due to the cigarette per se) but a smoker’s perception is that a cigarette makes you feel better.

Most smokers believe that they are addicted to smoking so that stopping will be very difficult.

There is often a feeling of loss around the idea of giving up smoking and many exaggerate just how bereft they will feel without their “friends”. The advertising industry capitalised on this idea years ago with the slogan – “You’re never alone with a Strand.”

Smokers often feel that they are out of control and powerless to change their habit and this belief in itself can sabotage all attempts to stop.

How can we help?

Most clients are successful and stop smoking after one or two sessions. However, individual results vary and some smokers may need up to 4 sessions. We discuss your motivation to stop smoking, the reasons why you smoke and give you a full understanding of the psychological issues around your habit. We challenge any limiting beliefs you have that may keep your smoking patterns in place. With hypnosis people can change behaviours that would otherwise seem difficult so we give hypnotic suggestions to help you to stop with ease and suggest ways that behaviours can be changed We teach techniques to deal with cravings and any anxiety that may be experienced at the start of the process.

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