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Future Life Progression

A session of Future Life Progression opens doors to your possible futures. This simple hypnotic visualisation technique is for those who are interested in time-travel with the mind to improve the present and create a desired future. This is a perfect technique to engage with the Law of Attraction purposefully.

Future Life Progression can help you to:

  • Have a clearer idea of what you want and how to get there
  • Improve your motivation
  • Make the right choices and decisions
  • Choose goals that will be fulfilling
  • Confirm or change your present course
  • Live the life you want sooner than you imagined.

It is especially useful for those who feel stuck at present without a clear idea of what direction to take. The technique is also of interest to those who are fascinated in predictions about the future and the nature of Time.

We trained with one of the leading experts and pioneers in the field, Anne Jirsch, who has clients from the world of media, show business, sport, music, politics and business. She is the author of ‘The Future is Yours’ and ‘Your perfect Future’.

Jocelyn & Kristina with Anne Jirsch
Here we are with Anne Jirsch

'FLP is the latest technique to take the world by storm.'

'FLP Practitioners are being consulted by everyone from governments, major corporate companies and research units to movie stars and the military.'

(Feature on FLP in Kindred Spirit Magazine.)

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