IMG_4219 It is important to know that you have processes to help you cope on days when you feel that things are just not going your way and that you can’t get away from your worries and anxiety. We wrote an article some time ago entitled “Brain Dump” a name we took from Gillie Botton who has written widely about the process of writing down your fears, doubts and anxieties as a way of unloading them and achieving psychological distance from them. It is a powerful technique and neuroscientist Mark Walderman suggests a quick variation which goes under the name of “Crap Board”. The association is the same as Botton’s, CRAP is an acronym for Conflicts, Resistances, Anxieties and Problems. Walderman advises us to:

1) Write all of the CRAP on a piece of paper…
2) Then sit back. Take a deep breath and gaze at it.

Now the prefrontal cortex isn’t so activated with the burden of remembering all of this, so you feel less scattered and anxious. It is a quick and simple technique which is grounded in neuroscience.

You can also write your way to success and happiness.
In his book ‘Words Can Change Your Brain” co-authored with Andrew Newberg, Walderman sites studies that show that by writing down three things that you do well each day you can increase your sense of well-being and happiness dramatically and the effects won’t fade away in the short term. It seems that reflecting on what we do well can generate months of psychological improvement. Walkman writes, “It’s not just your imagination that primes the brain for success. Writing deepens the impact by affecting different language centres of the brain thereby creating more permanent changes in how you think.” He recommends not only the nightly recording of successes, but repeating the exercise anytime you feel frustrated in your work, your relationships, your life.

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