Although Energy psychology and particularly the techniques of EFT and TFT, are gaining more and more media attention, meridian tapping seems like an odd, suspect, “out there” therapy to most people who come across it for the first time.  Let’s face it, it is still considered strange by many converts who have benefited hugely from using the techniques. After all, it makes no sense to tap on your body in particular places to bring about changes in states of mind and symptoms!

Before the maturing of neuroscience there was no acceptable hypothesis of how acupoint tapping works, even though the effectiveness of acupuncture has long been established in the West. But now, there is an increasing body of credible literature which not only demonstrates significant positive effects of meridian tapping but also explains through brain imaging and neurotransmitter profiles, what happens when we do so.

And now for the science: Richard C Kevin PhD describes EFT as, “A physical intervention for regulating electrical signals on energy fields with mental involvement in feelings, cognition or behaviour that is a target for change.” Studies have shown that tapping reduces midbrain hyperarousal and suggest that the link between a conditioned stimulus and the fear response can be eradicated, so modulating anxiety and traumatic memories. It has been shown that opiods, serotonin and GABA are produced and cortisol is regulated when we tap.  These neurochemical changes in turn reduce pain, slow the heart rate, decrease anxiety and regulate the autonomic nervous system.

So why wouldn’t you tap?  As Gary Craig says, “Try it on everything”, and perhaps, one day, maybe soon, you won’t be considered odd for doing so!

Warm Regards,
Jocelyn and Kristina at Trance-Formed

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