Amongst the published research linking smoking to health problems is a very interesting  study carried out by scientists at Staffordshire University. The scientists researched the effects of using computer aging technology to show how young women between the ages of 18 and 34, would look at the age of 72 if they continued to smoke. The women in the study were also shown an image of what they would look like at the same age if they stopped smoking.

It has been long established that smoking ages the skin prematurely. A research study in 2000 found that smoke caused a drop in the production of collagen by up to 40%. Being shown images of themselves at 72 if they continued to smoke certainly had a dramatic effect on the young women in this study. Many experienced a physical shock reaction (including reports of nausea) and in interviews they reported being highly motivated to quit smoking as a result of the intervention and also felt more personally responsible for quitting. This study suggests that appearance related interventions could be a very useful addition to smoking cessation programmes, especially with young women.

There are still 10 million adults in Britain who smoke and smoking continues to be the number 1 lifestyle health problem. For the month of October, every year, the NHS offers support for smokers who want to quit and lead a healthier life-style, with the 28 day challenge “Stoptober”. Any smokers who follow the challenge and feel that they need extra help in November, or any smokers looking for hypnotherapy in order to stop at any time of year, can book smoking cessation sessions with Jocelyn or Kristina.

For more information on how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to quit – click here.

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